Beautifull raw leather brown city bag

August 9, 2016 Tamara No comments exist

This bag is made of a nice, soft, brown, raw leather jacket.

Linned with a sturdy, vaxed tablecloth fabric, with retro colours.

* Two pockets on the outside.
* Two big pocket inside
* Magnetic closure.

W: appr. 45 cm
H: appr. 42 cm

The straps are so long (appr. 65 cm) that you can have it on your shoulder without a problem.

This bag is light in weight and very comfortable to carry whether you are out shopping, going for work or on vacation.

I am very pleased with the bag that came out of it. Big enough to carry all your stuff but not huge.

This bag will last for ever.

I sew my bags by myself. I do not have any helpers.
I use the professional sewing machine for leather, quality hardware and a strong thread.

I love to sew bags, I love to create things out of something that’s no longer in use.
All my bags are unique, I never make two that looks as each other so you are sure that no one in the world owns a bag like yours.


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